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Learn to live in balance and release the creative, productive, happy and engaged person who’s already within you. Right now things may seem overwhelming. But find your balance and they won’t feel that way at all. Pathwaves is already helping people overcome many of today’s toughest personal challenges, including:

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Sleep Issues

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Eating Disorders

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Stroke Recovery

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Brain Trauma

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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Build new neural pathways and take control.

If you suffer from depression, it comes as no consolation to know there are nearly 15 million Americans who share your struggle. Depression is a manifestation of changes in brain chemistry brought on through coping mechanisms for significant losses, distressing events in life, and unexamined belief systems. These traumas can harken all the way back to early childhood or even to a time before we are consciously aware of our surroundings.

In other words, depression is a physical condition as much as it is an emotional one. You feel the way you do because your neural pathways are being impeded by the perceptions you’ve internalized of seminal events in your life, even if entirely subconsciously. This causes you to live in a state of imbalance, which prevents your brain from properly managing emotional triggers and painful secrets. You already know what that feels like.

At Pathwaves, we rely on your brain’s ability to rewire itself and build new neural connections that bring you to a state of peaceful control. We help you attain your personal balance so that you might find the understanding and power to take control and live without depression.

Overcoming Depression:

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Imagine finding the balance to handle situations better.

Anxiety sufferers you know the feeling. That heightened state of agitation and fear you experience at what essentially are everyday situations. If you’re like most who live under the weight of anxiety and panic attacks, you probably feel you’re somehow to blame for developing insufficient coping mechanisms or building up such overwhelming insecurities.

However, that’s not the case at all. Anxiety is the result of chemically driven states in the brain that have brought about an unhealthy balance in the nervous system. When the brain is balanced, it produces appropriate brainwave levels at appropriate times, allowing you to tackle any given challenge. However, an unbalanced brain can’t do this, and the result is anxiety.

More specifically, anxiety is related to insufficient or imbalanced Alpha Wave activity, which regulates the feelings of peace, calm and happiness, and disproportionate levels of Low-Delta, Delta, Theta, Beta and/or Gamma Waves, which regulate the processing of agitation and anxiety. All of these components are further driven by your perceptions.

At Pathwaves, we rely on your brain and nervous system’s ability to find their optimal levels with our guidance. By doing so, we’ve seen dramatic results with clients who are now able to take control and perform under stressful circumstances with confidence.

Overcoming Anxiety:

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Sleep Issues:

Wake up to life again.

Do you spend nights tossing and turning? Do you miss out on consistent and deep sleep? Do you stumble through most days under the foggy haze of exhaustion?

Sleep issues are nothing to take lightly. When the brain doesn’t get adequate rest to repair itself, it can lead to serious conditions, such as depression, anxiety, a weakened immune system, irritability, weight gain, and dramatic decreases in physical and mental performance.

So what’s causing it? When neural pathways in the brain aren’t functioning properly, it can lead to agitated and elevated brainwave activity in the areas that control deep sleep. The bigger problem is, this is a vicious cycle. The longer the problem goes unchecked, the deeper rooted the imbalance becomes and the more fatigue you experience.

Despite what you see on pharmaceutical commercials, the answer isn’t always sleeping pills. They might knock you out, but they don’t allow the brain to replenish itself. At Pathwaves, we use the principles of Neural Empowerment to guide you toward a balanced state of brainwave activity, allowing your neural pathways to reboot and rebuild themselves at the optimal levels.

Imagine the possibility of enjoying a 100% natural and rejuvenating night of sleep to awake restored and ready to greet the day with confidence.

Overcoming Sleep Issues:

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Eating Disorders:

Imagine finding your balance and controlling the compulsion.

The majority of eating disorders and weight issues occur as a result of far deeper emotional and behavioral challenges. It might be OCD, severe anxiety, depression or unhealthy sleep patterns. These conditions very often manifest themselves in compulsive behavior, and, in many people, these uncontrollable compulsions translate to their eating habits.

Whether you suffer from bulimia, anorexia, or chronic overeating, your problem is most certainly linked to an imbalance in brainwave activity. That’s why Pathwaves and the science of Neural Empowerment have such dramatic results.

Our non-invasive and entirely drug-free approach guides you in correcting neural imbalances. We rely on your brain’s ability to build new and healthy neural pathways that lead to an optimized state of awareness and control. Neural Empowerment can help you take control of your life by helping to alleviate the depression, anxiety and other root causes of your eating disorder.

Along the way, you’ll meet regularly with one of our Cognitive Behavioral Coaches who’ll guide you toward a better path and provide you with emotional tools that can help you live the life you desire and deserve.

Things may seem hopeless. We argue, they’re not. Give us one meeting and we’ll show you how Pathwaves may be able to help you. It’s time to stop hiding. It’s time to stop harming yourself. It’s time to start down the path to the life you deserve.


Find the focus your life is missing.

We all experience difficulty concentrating now and then. However, if you’re one of the many adults battling a serious attention deficit disorder, life can feel like a constant state of forgetfulness, disorganization, confusion, and impossible to meet demands.

ADD/ADHD in adults is a serious problem that derails careers and destroys relationships. However, because it happens in adults, many doubters believe fixing the problem is merely a matter of willpower and extra effort. This simply isn’t true. ADD/ADHD is physiological condition, which can be caused by an imbalance in the chemistry and neural pathways of the brain.

At Pathwaves, we teach you (and your brain) how to identify and correct these imbalances using Neural Empowerment, an entirely non-invasive and holistic procedure that doesn’t require any medication.

We’ll show you a state of calm control and teach you how to maintain it. We’ll show you how to call upon a heightened sense of concentration that can help control impulsive behavior. Most importantly, if you’re like most of our clients, you’ll feel your self-confidence grow with each session, as you experience the enhanced focus and awareness that balanced neural pathways bring.

Stroke Recovery:

The sooner, the better.

When someone suffers a stroke, the blood flow to the brain is dramatically reduced which results in damage to the neuronal networks. This impairs sensation, motor control, movement, and cognition. The science of neuroplasticity suggests that these damages can be repaired to some degree by the brain’s own ability to rewire itself. Through this science, Pathwaves has been able to help disabled stroke victims walk and talk again!

At Pathwaves, our non-invasive approach can help stroke victims rebuild damaged neural networks and increase synaptic strength, often leading to dramatic gains in recovery. Evidence suggests that the window for the most significant neural improvement after a stoke closes as more time passes. The sooner you give Pathwaves the opportunity, the better chance we have of making a real difference.

Overcoming a Stroke:

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Brain Trauma:

Re-build neural pathways naturally.

When the brain undergoes trauma the neural pathways that control physical and behavioral functions can become damaged. Depending on the severity of the injury any number of symptoms can occur, from dramatic mood changes to chronic anxiety to difficulties feeling any sense of normalcy. For many victims and their caretakers, each day is one of endless struggle.

The brain, however, is a remarkable feat of engineering. Science has proven that the human brain possesses the innate power to rewire itself and rebuild its own neural pathways. Admittedly, there are limitations, just as every situation and person are unique. However, we have seen incredible strides made by those who’ve suffered brain trauma. We’ve found that by applying the science of neural mapping, paired with expert guidance and core functional medicine, we can bring about significant improvements in neural activity that speed recovery, enhance brain function, and lead to a better quality of life over the long term.

Overcoming Brain Trauma:

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD):

It’s not about forgetting. It’s about finding balance.

Whether you’ve been scarred by the horrors of combat, brutalized by domestic abuse, or lived through any number of extreme traumas, nothing anyone can say or do is going to remove the experiences you’ve endured.

If you suffer from PTSD, you likely plunge into extreme states of terror, rage, despair or disassociation. Veterans returning from war, for instance, have described a sense of complete disconnect, even with the family and friends they love.

That’s because PTSD blurs the lines between threat conditions and daily life. The neural pathways in the brain become conditioned to respond to every event from a perspective of survival. Essentially, the unconscious brain fails to get the message that you are now safe and the threat is over. So, you react accordingly.

The good news is your brain has the power to rewire itself, building new and positive neural pathways, while shutting down those that are impeding your natural state of balance. We will teach you how to train your neurological systems to automatically create more calm and focused patterns.

The Pathwaves program gives you the power to react to people and events from a mindset firmly grounded in the present. We’ll teach you how to stop living in a state of constant crisis and move to one of conscious growth and control.

Sports/Athletic Performance:

Enhance your physical and mental game.

The principles of Pathwaves can have a groundbreaking impact on your approach to athletics, work and life in general. When the brain and body are in balance, you are far more likely to excel in any endeavor.

World-class athletes come to us because they see the benefits Neural Empowerment has on their game. Once a player is led to a state of balanced control, pressure situations on the field or court slow down. An innate focus takes over and centers the body and mind on the task at hand. Whether it’s a clutch golf shot or a key foul shot, when your neural patterns are functioning optimally, even overwhelming situations seem completely in your control.

When you gain the advantage of balance, you enjoy a natural competitive edge that leads to peak mental, emotional and physical performance.


Now is the time to take control.

Addiction comes in many forms, be it drug and alcohol abuse; behavioral addictions like gambling and sex; even issues like overeating, compulsive shopping, and too much internet surfing can be considered addictions.

What they all have in common is a persistent and compulsive dependency created by the brain’s inability to regulate reward processing, cognitive control and decision-making.

If you’re suffering from addiction, the neural pathways in your brain are not functioning in an optimized state. The result is that your brain can’t balance the sensation of “reward” you feel with the ability to thoughtfully control your actions. To make matters worse, from a neurological perspective this is a downward spiral. The longer addiction prevails, the more damaged neural pathways become. Those harmful circuits telling your body it needs the “reward” only become stronger and stronger.

At Pathwaves, using a standard EEG and advanced brain mapping software, we will immediately locate the areas of the brain that are out of balance. Then, using our own modality of Neural Empowerment, we’ll guide you back toward a state in which you can gain control of your actions and those negative compulsions normally lose their powerful hold.

Swallowing more drugs won’t cure a drug problem. Numbing compulsive behavior is a temporary fix. But when your brain is no longer wired to need something, you no longer need it. Period. That’s how you beat addiction.

Overcoming Addiction:

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