The Self & Body In Harmony.

Pathwaves seeks to guide you to a state of individual balance and purposeful awareness. We will show you how to take control and give you the tools and understanding to do it. At Pathwaves, we believe the answer is our transformative methodology called Neural Empowerment. A process that aims to provide you with the tools to take control.

To understand how and why Pathwaves works, you must first understand one universal truth. We are all shaped by the episodes of our lives.

What most people have never been told, however, is how our individual perceptions of the events we endure cause physiological changes in brainwave activity that define who we become, how we behave, the ways we interact with others, and how we cope with life’s challenges.

So what are these seminal events? Some are obvious, such as witnessing the horrors of combat or losing a loved one unexpectedly. Others are harder to pin down and live in our subconscious. Some even happen while we’re still in the womb. For example, undo stress or a crisis event during pregnancy will impact the future behavior of an unborn child.

What’s undeniable, however, is that our perceptions become our realities.

Science now shows us that how we perceive the events of our lives can actually shift the brain from its natural state of equilibrium. We experience measurable changes in brainwave activity that lead to a state of imbalance and trigger adverse emotional, behavioral and physical conditions. Most of us live in this state of imbalance for our entire lives. The longer we do, the more rooted these neural patterns become and the deeper our pathologies get. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Recent studies prove what scientists call neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to alter its structure and function. The brain normally has the ability to build new and healthy neural pathways. The big question is, how do you get there?

At Pathwaves, we believe the answer is our transformative methodology called Neural Empowerment.

Pathwaves: How it works.

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Neural Empowerment: Your Own Balancing Act.

Neural Empowerment is a non-invasive and holistic methodology that combines hard science and expert guidance to teach you to find your balance. It begins with a brain map. Using standard electroencephalogram (EEG) technology, we measure activity in different parts of the brain. These are areas that control cognition, happiness, anger, sleep, anxiety, stress, compulsion and countless other emotions and behaviors. By examining this map, we can clearly identify areas of the brain that are out of stasis. In other words, we can see where your brainwaves are out of balance.

Guiding You Toward The Person You Want To Become.

The next step is what makes Pathwaves unlike anything you’ve ever tried. Relaxing in a comfortable chair and guided in meditative thought by a Neural Empowerment expert, you’re gradually coached toward a state of personal harmony. This state of consciousness generates an entirely different brain map than the one you’ve been struggling in for far too long. These are the neural patterns you anxiety-free people are experiencing every day. At Pathwaves, the key to taking control of your life is developing a mindful awareness of this balanced state.


To get you there, Pathwaves uses advanced computer software to convert the ideal neural patterns of your balanced brain into audible tones of very specific bandwidths. These tones are played back to you during a series of guided sessions and what happens is extraordinary!

Hello Brain. The Conversation Begins.

Science has proven that your brain, without the slightest manipulation, begins a subconscious conversation with itself. It’s sometimes called “mirroring” because what your quieted mind is hearing represents a reflection of how it should be functioning. Your brain begins to identify with these balanced neural pathways. It begins to recognize where and why it’s out of harmony. Most importantly, your brain actually begins to correct itself, build new neural connections, and guide you towards an optimized state of personal balance. A state of calm empowerment is what our clients consistently report to begin feeling after their first few sessions, and that normally grows exponentially as they achieve greater balance.


Neural Empowerment is a non-invasive holistic science that guides you toward a balanced state of brainwave activity leading to self-awareness and control.

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Don’t Give Up. Gain Control.

When your brain achieves balance, you achieve mindful consciousness and gain control over every other aspect of life. Balance is the answer to many of today’s toughest personal challenges:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep Issues
  • Weight Issues
  • Stroke Recovery
  • Brain Trauma
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Sports/Athletic Performance
  • Addiction

Pathwaves guides you toward a state of balanced control in which you can find the power to take charge of your perceptions, actions and reactions. Our clients consistently say that they’ve discovered the life they want isn’t out of reach. Sometimes, you just need a little help getting there.