Neural Empowerment

Functional Medicine At Pathwaves
A Unique Approach To Balancing The Self & Body

Pathwaves is unique in a number of ways. Most significantly, our methodology, Neural Empowerment, combines integrative biofeedback, functional medicine, cognitive behavioral coaching, and nutrition to help people live

The result is a universal mind and body solution built upon the primary principle of functional medicine – that the roots of chronic health and behavioral issues don’t lie on the surface, but rather live somewhere underneath. Yes, the physical and emotional symptoms are clearly visible. However, these are manifestations of far deeper physiological imbalances in the body’s systems. This is why conventional medication and therapy, sadly, may only provide short-term relief for those suffering from conditions like anxiety, depression and insomnia. Until the underlying cause of the problem is addressed, we believe long-term results just aren’t possible.

At Pathwaves, our functional approach has two essential goals. One, remove the barriers impeding you from attaining balance. Two, add the physical and neural guidance necessary to move you toward your own optimal state of enlightened control. We don’t treat your symptoms. Our mission is to identify their root causes and give you the tools to take control.


Neurofeedback and Brainwave Optimization

This entirely non-invasive science is the first step in attaining your personal empowerment.

Using a quantitative electroencephalogram to measure your brainwave activity and then running the results through advanced brain mapping software, we get a clear picture of your neural pathways. We can identify where they are functioning properly, where they are being impeded, and where brainwave activity is out of balance. This often tells us the roots of your condition. Next, through a series of guided sessions, synchronized with ongoing neural mapping, our system presents a path to your personal state of balance. Soon, your brain can begin to recognize and identify with this state of optimized neural activity. This is the state in which the human brain wants to exist. Perhaps for the first time in your life, instead of moving away from balance, your mind knows to move toward it. The result is a state of calm empowerment that is the basis for a life not ruled by past perceptions or encumbered by environmental conditions of the present.

It’s always nice to have someone in your corner to help you stay on the path toward better living. However, our Counselors aren’t here just for emotional support.

They are skilled and experienced guides who will teach you to develop and hone your overall skills and abilities to live a balanced life. They’ll show you ways to let go of negative patterns and give you new tools to connect more fully with your inner self and individual strength. CBT Counseling endeavors to bring you into the moment so you can greet it with openness, curiosity and control over your emotions and reactions. The ultimate goal is to help you make better and more positive choices that enable you to face challenges with confidence and embrace life like you’ve Never been able to before.


Integrative CBT Counseling (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)


Exercise & Nutrition

A balanced diet and exercise program are the fuels of healthier and more balanced living.

The food you eat and your activity level play vital roles in mood swings, stress levels, and cognitive performance. This is because they have direct links to the brain’s synaptic performance. For example, sugars impede proper neural function, which can contribute to depression, hypertension, learning dysfunction (particularly in children), and other disorders. It only makes sense that if your lifestyle lacks balance, your mental state will follow suit. Of course, diet and exercise also play pivotal roles in preventing heart disease, high cholesterol, obesity and a host of other serious health issues. The nutrition team at Pathwaves will help you find the path to transition to a healthier lifestyle. Along with dietary recommendations, Pathwaves encourages a personal activity tracker that logs your sleep, activity levels, heart rate and other vitals. It also serves as a good bit of motivation to go ahead and get off that couch. Keep your body in good shape and it’ll repay you with a healthier mindset and a better life.