Autism, ADD/ADHD, Behavioral Challenges:

Helping children without drugs.


It’s hard to watch your child struggle. It’s hard to share his or her frustration. It’s hard to witness the ongoing cycle of discouragement a child can face, particularly when your best efforts to help, and those of mainstream medicine, just don’t feel like enough. The reality is, medication and psychology are limited in the ways they can help your child.

At Pathwaves, we see Neural Empowerment work wonders for kids like yours every day. Whether it’s an attention deficit problem or autism, the root of the condition lies in the brain’s neural pathways. Your child’s brainwaves are not firing with sufficient strength in some areas, and are firing with too much in others. He or she is struggling in a state of imbalance, which results in an inability to concentrate, problems coping with challenges, and difficulty socializing with others.

Neural Empowerment can help by guiding your child to an optimized state of brain and body relaxation. Our goal is to lead your child to a place of diminished frustration and reduced agitation. In many instances, this will trigger the brain to reset itself and build new and more balanced neural connections.

Our parents tell us they see dramatic reductions in their children’s symptoms and major improvements in focus, performance and behavior. Pathwaves is entirely non-invasive. There are zero drugs, and there are no intensive therapy sessions.

It’s perfectly understandable to have reservations about any new treatment for your child. So please come in for a free consultation. We’ll tell you more about Pathwaves and Neural Empowerment, show you some real results, and answer all your questions.

Let’s talk. Then decide.

Let’s talk. Then decide.

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