8 Tips to Avoid Burnout And Overwhelm

The holidays are fast approaching. And for many of us, this season marks the busiest time of the year.

We have events to plan, perhaps travel to arrange, and of course our to-do lists to keep up with. We are scrambling to get everything done before we can power down and take a break to close out the year.

Along with this frantic energy often comes burnout, and overwhelm.

How can we break free from this pattern of rushing and exhaustion?

First, the solution to reducing the overwhelm (and therefore avoiding burnout) is to become aware that our thoughts also reside in our bodies. So if we are constantly running thoughts over and over in our minds about how much we have to do, how much we are dreading that family gathering, or how tired we are, that stress will present in the body as well.

As humans, we are both mind and body.

It is vital for us to purify, nourish, and rejuvenate both. By focusing on just the mind, or just the body, we are only addressing half of the equation.

8 Ways to Nourish Both Mind And Body

In order for us to live our best lives, we must look at the mind and body as a balanced whole.

Use these tips to ensure you are considering both when trying to alleviate the effects of burnout and overwhelm:

  1. Remind yourself that as a species, we have moved out of survival mode – we no longer need to “build a battleship” out of ourselves. Many modern day stresses are not life or death scenarios, even though our primitive instincts may initially react that way.
  2. Be mindful of which thoughts you hold true. Positive thoughts and actions create energy, while negative thoughts and actions drain energy, leading to a higher likeliness of burnout and overwhelm.
  3. Change the words you are using. At Pathwaves, we teach our clients the effect of language on mental health, and encourage them to avoid using “survival words”.
  4. Create and follow a morning and evening ritual for positive self-reflection and self-talk.
  5. Move your body regularly. Even a 5-10 minute walk will benefit both mind and body.
  6. Try to eat less sugar, starchy carbs, and gluten, all of which can be inflammatory to the body. Also make sure to drink plenty of water.
  7. Set aside 8 hours for sleep. We like to say that sleep is the lost sacred art of rejuvenation, and is vital for physical and mental health.
  8. Celebrate – the small things, the larger things, all the things. Celebration creates positive energy, which in turn adds to our energy stores.

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