A Simple Guide to Reflecting On The Year

The end of December is fast approaching. With the closing of another year comes an invitation to reflect on what has come to pass, so we can step into the new year having gleaned the wisdom from the previous 12 months.

A reflective practice is not about nostalgia or the why – its purpose is centered around learning from the past so that we each can move towards living a better life, as a better version of ourselves.

Nor is a reflective practice about ruminating on mistakes, or rehashing how we could have done better in a given situation. The focus is on the future.

Use the lessons of the past year to set yourself up for success in doing better for the year ahead.

10 Questions For 10 Days Of Reflection

Dust off your journal, or lean on a loved one or trusted confidant as you ponder you way through each question. Don’t rush through with your answers – often our greatest wisdom comes when we allow space for the answers that we seek.

  1. What am I grateful for that happened this year?
    In my personal life –
    In my professional/business life –
  2. What were the biggest challenges of this year?
    In my personal life –
    In my professional/business life –
  3. What lessons were learned this year?
    In my personal life –
    In my professional/business life –
  4. Who are the new people that entered my life this year?
    Are they a positive/negative addition to my life?
    Do I want to change my relationships?
  5. What are the most memorable things that happened, or I obtained this year?
    The Good –
    The Bad –
    Reflect on desired actions regarding these for the future.
  6. What was the biggest waste of my time this year?
  7. If you were to make a label or title for this past year, what would that label/title be?
  8. Ask someone close to you to give you one sentence that would best describe you this year, or what this year meant or did for you.
  9. Who do I want to acknowledge in my life? How will I acknowledge them? Make a plan.
  10. After reflecting — was this past year, good, bad or indifferent? What do I want to do differently next year?


Answering these questions truthfully will help provide more meaning to your life, as well as help you create more purpose and be true to that purpose in the future.

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