Pathwaves is leading the world of neurtherapy to help you take control and create new empowered patterns.

Our unique methodology, known as NeuroEmpowerment™, combines the proven modalities of integrative neurofeedback, cognitive behavioral therapy, and coaching to help you live a healthier and more balanced life.


Because we are digging deeper to address the (often unconscious) root of the problem, our clients consistently report a higher rate of effectiveness when compared to traditional modalities on their own.

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G. Cole, Our Founder

Pathwaves is the realization of nearly a decade spent mapping, studying and balancing brainwave activity by G. Cole. As one of the world’s foremost experts in brainwave analysis and neuroplasticity and in his role as Chief NeuroEmpowerment™ Officer, G. has helped over 1,300 clients – men, women and children; analyzed over 200,000 brain map segments; and created and facilitated more than 20,000 sessions. He has literally reviewed more than 1,000,000 minutes of brainwave recordings.


G. is also the creator of NeuroEmpowerment™, a pioneering science that balances the brain and body, empowering people to take control of each day and live consciously in the present.


Image of Ryan Landau

Ryan Landau, Co-Founder + Chief Health Integrator

Ryan is co-founder of Pathwaves, and co-creator of NeuroEmpowerment™. As the Chief Health Integrator, Ryan manages the client services team to seamlessly deliver all facets of the customer experience. With a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling, a B.S. in Psychology, as well as a well-rounded professional background of serving hundreds of clinical and non-clinical clients alike, Ryan’s devotion and integrative approach to self-betterment and personal empowerment is second to none.

Ana Margarita Martinez, CMO + Media & Community Relations Director

Ana Margarita brings her extensive experience in communications, marketing and public relations to the Pathwaves team. As a client first, she experienced life-changing results, and subsequently volunteered to assist in creating awareness about our methodology with her media relations expertise, as well as with her public image. She has been interviewed by local, national and international media, and has appeared in a number of publications. Ana Margarita officially joined our management team in 2018 and has since been overseeing our marketing, branding and communications efforts, as well as community outreach efforts.

Skye Cole Brain Wave Analyst

Skye Cole, NeuroEmpowerment™ Program Administrator + Senior NeuroTech & Brainwave Analyst

Skye is a NeuroTech Coach and Brainwave Analyst, who brings his experience leading and mentoring his peers as Founder and President of REACH, a civic group which, to date, provided the most valuable contribution to the Ransom Everglades Annual Auction. He joined Pathwaves in September, 2018, and has since been a valuable member of the team.

Adam Splaver, M.D.,
Clinical Cardiologist

Dr. Splaver the co-founder of NanoHealth Associates, a South Florida practice that explores the molecular level of cardiovascular disease. He is board certified in cardiology and internal medicine, as well as a registered physician in vascular interpretation and age management medicine. He was also member of the advanced heart failure team as well as the medical director of medical echocardiography of the Memorial Health Systems. His mission is to help patients live better through personalized evaluation, education and empowerment.

Judi Pasos,

Judi Pasos is a Transformational Subconscious Psychotherapist, licensed mental health counselor and a certified yoga instructor. She holds a BS and MS from the University of Miami. She believes that psychotherapy in conjunction with accessing the mind-body-spirit connection within individuals and relationships is the key to improving any situation. Her passion lies in accessing the mind-body-spirit relationship to help people heal themselves and thus the relationships around them.

Karen Flannery, M.D.,
Addiction + Internal Medicine

Dr. Karen Flannery attended medical school at Rush University in Chicago and completed her training in Internal Medicine at the University of South Florida in 2001. She is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, recertified with a focused practice in Hospital Medicine, and additionally Board Certified in Addiction Medicine. Dr. Flannery has practiced hospital medicine and addiction medicine in West Palm Beach, Florida for nearly two decades, and has served as Chief of Staff and Division Director of Hospital Medicine at Good Samaritan Medical Center. In addition to proficiency in treating complex acute and chronic medical conditions, Dr. Flannery brings to her patients and their families a sense of compassion, warmth, and empathy.

Robert Lazo

Robert Lazo, Senior NeuroTech Coach

Robert earned his Bachelor of Science degree in psychology and biology from the University of Miami. He has been with Pathwaves for over ten years and has over 20,000 hours of clinical experience working with over 1,500 clients. During his time at Pathwaves he has also overseen the training of new technicians.

Najee Lee, Certified Life Coach + NeuroTech Coach

Najee is a Board-Certified Life Coach, professional tarot reader, speaker and a dynamic performance artist. Najee firmly believes at the heart of meditation, mindfulness, yoga and self-mastery is one completely learnable skill called self-awareness. He has studied metaphysics, esoteric sciences, kabbalah, quantum physics, psychology, spirituality and energy healing, mixing these modalities into a synergistic blend of spiritual principles and coaching techniques simplified, organized and applied to psychology.

Sonja Hennigan

Sonja Hennigan, Executive Assistant

Sonja worked as a stenographer and senior stenographer in the education system for 20 years  in New York State before moving to Florida. Upon moving south, she worked as an administrative assistant to CEO’s in the construction field and executive assistant to the CEO of Bay Point Schools for 16 years. Sonja is now the executive assistant to the CEO of Pathwaves, from its beginning in January of 2016 and for 7 years with its predecessor.


Our programs use digital therapeutics combined with the power of neuroplasticity to undo past conditioning of your mind + body, and help you create new neural pathways that put you in control of how you function.


NeuroEmpowerment™ is proven to be highly and consistently effective in the following:


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Learn how your body’s own ability to learn new skills can help you overcome pre-programmed responses, releasing unhealthy patterns and transforming your quality of life!