ADD-on for Improved Focus and Concentration

A.D.D., focus and concentration issues are all caused by fear, but we may not be aware of the fear. When I was first told this, I responded “I am not scared of anything.”  Yet, there are many levels of our nervous systems. To simplify the discussion, we will, as many people do, speak about the unconscious, subconscious, and the conscious levels of the mind. Fear exists differently in each level of the mind.We are only aware of the fear that is at our conscious mind level. The fear in our unconscious and subconscious often does not come into our awareness.

The purpose of the majority of our nervous system is for us to survive. However, “Just surviving” is often not very enjoyable, can be downright uncomfortable, and many would say is not really living. For example, if we break a leg, our survival instincts and natural processes will heal the leg, however, without medical attention, it may not heal properly, resulting in pain and discomfort, and the possibility that it will not allow us to walk properly or run again.

The same thing happens with fear patterns. We live through many fears throughout our lives; scary events, and fear-causing circumstances. Our nervous system keeps track of everything that has happened in our lives in order to keep us safe from the same types of events in our future. All of this begins in utero and has a genetic component. Unfortunately, each event that effects our consciousness and remains unresolved (we have not accepted it and do not feel safe from it now) can interrupt our ability to focus and concentrate. This dynamic gets worse with every event or circumstance. As the neurologic pathways pile up on top of each other the interruptions to focus and concentration increase. 

So, the “ADD-on” to improve focus and concentration is to engage in new self-care protocol. This protocol includes mindfulness techniques, nutrition, safety, sleep planning and fitness. This protocol can be augmented and improved through technology and guidance. There are simple techniques such as “box breathing”, meditating, and setting up a routine of self-care which includes nutritional as well as physical protocol. 

Pathwaves includes the basis for this “Add-on” for A.D.D, focus and concentration improvement in our NeuroEmpowermentTM program. 

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