Conquering the Coronavirus: Mental Health and Our Immune System

Research studies show that how we think, feel, behave, feed ourselves and stay fit physically directly affect how well we function. More specifically, the more we worry, the sicker we get. The studies ( see links below) show that anxiety and stress lower our immune system and other studies such as those performed by Wim Hof have proven that mindfulness and physical techniques actually allow us to ward off viruses and not get sick. More specifically the studies show that the autonomic nervous system was boosted through concentration and meditation thereby suppressing how sick one gets. Participants actually got 50% less sick.

Neuroplasticity and Coronavirus

Humans have an amazing ability to adapt and overcome. This is partially due to Neuroplasticity; the science of how our nervous system develops and changes. The studies around Neuroplasticity have proven that our nervous systems are constantly changing. Using meditation, breathing and mindfulness techniques such as those taught at Pathwaves speed up Neuroplasticity and influence its process, making them extremely valuable methods to stay healthy. These studies also show that what we focus on or practice creates new knowledge carrying nerves which can affect how our systems function. So, it is biologically true that what we focus on grows.

Coronavirus and Mental Health

Accordingly, the more you worry about the coronavirus (COVID-19) the better chance you have of getting it. The more you take care of yourself, the less chance you have of getting it.

It is hard to not worry about what so many people are talking about. Here are some suggestions on how to worry less, be healthy enough to ward off sickness and make the world a better place to live.

  1. Limit how long and how much negative news you subject yourself to. Do appropriate research in appropriate settings from appropriate sources – see examples below.
  2. After hearing negative, process this into positive. Focusing on your present moment, employing mindfulness technique, and focusing on what you have control over often helps this. For example, close your eyes, breathe in for the count of three, hold your breath for the count of three and exhale for the count of three. Repeat this two to five times and try to only think about your breathing will help you reduce negative thoughts and overactive nervous system patterns.
  3. After caring for yourself, rather than just trying to take care of yourself, see how you can help others. Love conquers all; so turn those worry thoughts and actions into loving thoughts and actions and you will be much healthier and happier.


Additional Research Studies and Articles Regarding Stress and Immune Response


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