Creating A Sacred Space In Relationships

As humans, we experience natural pitfalls in our relationships. Connecting with another person can be an important and deeply rewarding aspect of our lives, but how do we avoid the pain that is commonly associated with such a high level of vulnerability?

The answer lies in creating a “sacred space”, or “sacred relationship”.

When we talk about love and relationships, we must remember that as a species homo sapiens operate from fear-based survival instincts, which often cause issues when it comes to our interpersonal relationships. These animal instincts are part of the dynamic caused by us each having multiple levels of consciousness within our own selves.

Since 2008, Pathwaves has been measuring each level of consciousness – consciousness meaning awareness – and tracking their interactions. For us, it has become highly evident that the unconscious levels of our minds and bodies attempt to control the other levels of consciousness. And this dymanic is the seat of our survival instincts.

Survival instincts communicate with us (the conscious level) after processing from our subconscious, which incorporates emotions, with signals and thoughts known as fight, flight, freeze, panic signals.

When it comes to interacting with other humans (or animals), our base instincts tell us that in order to be safe, it’s best for us to be able to control these outside forces through our fight and flight instincts. In the dynamic of relationships, that means that if we allow ourselves to live with our “automatic pilot” in charge, we move into our survival instincts at the first sign of trouble.

Operating in “survival mode”  then causes difficulty in our relationships.

Creating A Sacred Space

The most effective way to circumvent the automatic survival response is to first learn how to love yourself, so you can feel secure in your own foundation. Then, when your own “house” is in order, proceed with a relationship.

Having your “house” in order is knowing who you are, what your values are, and what you need, want, and desire in your relationships. Then, you are ready to date and explore relationships. Once you have found an ideal match, then move into a long-term relationship, in which communication, acceptance, and forgiveness will be key components.

Once you have committed to your partner, it’s time to create the “sacred space”. Or, as we call it, establish your relationship as a “sacred tribe”.

Unconditional love is what makes this sacred. It is a commitment to always do what love would do within this relationship. It is a commitment to giving each other the benefit of the doubt, and believing that both parties are doing the best they can to live up to the commitment.

Upholding your “sacred space” or “sacred tribe” will involve acceptance and forgiveness, both of which are vital to healthy relationships. For an example, look to Corinthians 13: Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude…

Use this message as inspiration for how you want to show up for both yourself and your partner.

Remember, relationships are an amazing opportunity to join someone else in co-creating a safe, nurturing environment, and to support each other while you navigate this, sometimes difficult, life together.

When we use all levels of our consciousness to intentionally shape healthy relationships, we discover an extremely gratifying and rewarding way to live.

Pathwaves NeuroEmpowerment™

Being in a relationship, or even the thought of starting one, can be either an exciting next chapter or a trigger for trauma, based on past experiences. If the fight or flight survival instincts are heightened, say from a painful breakup or abusive situation, then moving forward with healthy relationships becomes far more difficult… until that response is healed.

At Pathwaves, we use NeuroEmpowerment™ to help our clients disrupt and rewire the patterns that no longer serve them, so they can move towards living life intentionally.

NeuroEmpowerment™ is a proprietary method which corrects mental, emotional, and spiritual issues at the same time it corrects physical issues directly associated with psychological function, thus alleviating the root of the problem, rather than treating the symptoms. This is the key for long-term optimal living and quality of life.


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