Does It Fundamentally Matter?

Does it fundamentally matter? A critical question, and one, that many areas of your mind may very well not know how to answer.

Why? Well, because we live in what can be a confusing world.

Albeit beautiful and extraordinary, it is a world that is relentlessly attempting to convince us that – we don’t have everything we need! It wants us to believe we need a computer with more speed, a phone with more features, a faster car, a bigger house, six-pack abs, a prettier girlfriend, a richer boyfriend, brand name clothes, and a trip to Hawaii. The list of things it wants us to believe we need is virtually endless.

Needs vs Wants

Our position isn’t that there is anything inherently wrong with liking or wanting any of these things; it is that these things simply Don’t Fundamentally Matter!

WE DON’T NEED them to function. In fact, they may interfere with our ability to truly enjoy life. Unfortunately, there is no – YOU DON’T NEED THIS – disclaimer.

Consequently, unless someone or something is available to help us discern that these are not needs, our minds are vulnerable to a misinterpretation that may lead to them being categorized as such.

This is where the confusion lies, and without an examination, a consultation, and/or a practice of what matters, our Belief Systems (B.S.) are susceptible to environmental and/or genetic programming. As we regularly enjoy saying, “It’s just a bunch of B.S!”

That said, we want to organize and train our belief systems. No. Let’s rephrase that. The B.S. NEEDS to be organized, receive periodic examinations, and daily training, in order for us to be able to enjoy life on our terms.

Rewiring Your Thought Process

We NEED to know that these things DON’T FUNDAMENTALLY MATTER! They DON’T F*#@$ MATTER! Or, simply put – “DFM!” A central goal of our NeuroEmpowerment™ programs is to upgrade our lives from this perspective.

Similar to the way we might adopt an exercise or a nutrition program for optimal physical health, adopting a set of self-direction tools seems particularly vital. Without the appropriate training and a consistent practice of recognizing and categorizing what does and, more importantly – what DOESN’T – fundamentally matter, we may fall prey to the painful pitfall that subjects the lowest levels of our mind to believing that our wants are actually NEEDS.

This confusion leads to the type of unnecessary and debilitating stress and anxiety that is at the root of many health related conditions today.

Ryan Landau
Assistant Clinical Director

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