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Durable Yet Fragile

I have been helping people improve their ability to function more happily and healthily for over 10 years. I am amazed how we can survive almost anything, and yet, we are so fragile. There are stories on both sides of this indiscernible line.

I came across an article on Quora, which speaks to this very nicely. The article cites true stories of people who severed their own arms and/or legs with pocket knives, survived under ice for 80 minutes, fell from an airplane over 10,000 feet and onto a drill through the eye, and survived. The article also speaks to people dying from mosquito bites, bird attacks, a scarf incident in a car, a stubbed toe out of frustration, and biting of one’s own tongue causing gangrene. Our bodies are constantly adjusting to our environment.

Improving Your Mind

The reality is that although we are a finely balanced mixture of salt, water, gas, tissue, bone and electricity, we have an amazing ability to adapt and survive. This composition is driven by a perfect “Operating System” known by many names including the “Mind,” “Consciousness,” or “Psyche.” It seems that the ability to survive or as what I like to call it – thrive – is dependent upon the perspective of this “Operating System.” The human biology is directly affected by how it is treated physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Give Your Mind a Workout

Our physiology is constantly adjusting itself based on what is demanded of it. When we work out we get stronger, healthier, and our ability of survival increases (depending how intensely and how often we work out).  When we think more positively, and we become more aware of our thought processes, and the beliefs driving them, we also get stronger, healthier, and our ability to survive increases.

Working Out Your Mind

It seems to me that the human race would have a much better chance to evolve if we were taught to optimize these dynamics in school from a very early age. Pathwaves provides the methodology of NeuroEmpowerment™, which allows every one of us to harness and maximize the potential of the mind, body, spirit continuum.

NeuroEmpowerment™ utilizes timeless teachings and today’s technology to allow us to fully understand and build upon these variables at over 10 times the rate of doing it on our own. We are helping the human race evolve, one human at a time.

Chief NeuroEmpowerment™ Officer

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Learn how your body’s own ability to learn new skills can help you overcome pre-programmed responses, releasing unhealthy patterns and transforming your quality of life!