Our unique methodology and proprietary protocols combine neurotherapy and cognitive behavioral coaching to help you live a healthier and more balanced life.


We integrate with any modality, belief system, program, or regimen you’re currently following. The Pathwaves Protocol doesn’t have to replace – we’re here to enhance.


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The Mind Report

In order to decide what to fix, we have to first know exactly where the deeper root cause of the issue lies. We do this through a Mind Map. Much like a doctor will x-ray a bone to see where the break is, a Mind Map uses quantitative electroencephalogram (qEEG) technology to measure activity in different parts of the brain, and map what it finds.


Through your Mind Report – which consists of your Mind Map and our proprietary NeuroPath-Quant™ – we are able to get a clear picture of your neural pathways and identify where they are functioning properly, where they are impeded, and where brainwave activity is out of balance. These imbalances allow us to pinpoint the root cause of your condition.

A Personalized Program

Your first visit is the Mind Status session, which includes an assessment, neural massage, and NeuroPath-Quant™ report.


Your mind is 100% unique. And because the NeuroPath-Quant™ allows us to see data that is so specific to you, your program will be 100% unique. 


Each program follows a framework, with each session individually designed to guide you towards your own optimal state of enlightened control. These sessions are synchronized with ongoing neural mapping, which allows us to create a highly personalized path to optimized neural activity. This is more than alleviating symptoms – it’s eradicating the root cause.

Coaching Backed By Science

Each session combines neurotherapy with our proprietary form of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Our NeuroTech coaches are trained and certified in our protocol, and will teach you how to use the new tools you’re learning to revolutionize your approach to living each day.


Our methodology will enable you to release negative patterns that have been impeding your growth, help you make more positive choices that allow you to greet each moment with openness, positivity, and control over your emotions and responses.

Balance Mind + Body

Lifestyle is directly linked to your brain’s synaptic performance. In other words, the quality of your mood, stress levels, and performance can only be as good as the quality of what’s happening “under the hood.” 


At Pathwaves, we not only help you clean up your neural pathways, we also support you in transitioning to sustaining healthier habits, without the uphill struggle. Because our program addresses underlying issues, we are able to facilitate lasting change to your nutrition, activity levels, quality of sleep, and other factors that together can create your highest quality of life.

Achieve full NeuroEmpowerment™

Imagine a life in which you wake each morning excited for the day ahead. Those heavy emotions you used to carry around like an overweight bag, no longer weigh you down. Instead of wondering what unwelcome surprises you’ll have to deal with that day, you think to yourself, “Today is going to be amazing,” because now you have the tools to make that a reality.


You wake up feeling rested and rejuvenated, without an alarm. You no longer lean on that cup of coffee to jumpstart your day. When someone cuts you off in traffic on your way to work, it actually amuses you.


This is what’s possible when you’ve achieved full transformational healing. You will literally be functioning in a completely different state, at a whole new frequency. You’ll be in the driver’s seat of your own life, and ready for the road ahead. This is what it means to achieve full NeuroEmpowerment™, and we’ve made our mission to get you there. So what are you waiting for?

Pathwaves NeuroPath-Quant electroencephalogram (EEG) technology


Our programs use the power of neuroplasticity to undo past conditioning of your mind + body, and help you create new neural pathways that put you in control of how you function.


NeuroEmpowerment™ is proven to be highly and consistently effective in the following:


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Learn how your body’s own ability to learn new skills can help you overcome pre-programmed responses, releasing unhealthy patterns and transforming your quality of life!