Humility and Emotional Intelligence

Writer Thomas Merton spent large amounts of time writing about humility.

The word humility comes from the Latin word humilis which means “low”. Some dictionaries define humility as “a low self-regard” or something similar. Wikepedia defines humility as “an outward expression of an inner self-regard”.

But at Pathwaves, we prefer to think of humility as an “accurate self-regard”.

Or as Thomas Merton said, “Pride makes us artificial, and humility makes us real.”

Why is this important to emotional intelligence?

Knowing who we are, accurately, is a key component of humility. When we are humble in this way and possess humility, life changes dramatically in a positive way. We stop just coping with our emotions, and start enjoying them.

10 Ways Humility Enhances Life

1. We become empowered to be the best version of ourselves, versus constantly trying to be the version of us that other people want to see.

2. Our relationships with ourselves and others deepen and improve.

3. We feel less inclined to have to defend ourselves. When we live from a place of humility, we are consciously adhering to our best version of ourselves. This in turn means that we cannot do better than we already are. Accordingly, if someone is dissatisfied with us, we can sincerely work on the possibility of doing better in the future knowing that we did our best at the time.

4. We react less,  and respond more from love. Because we have nothing to defend, we are able to simply do what we love while staying more centered in our own reality.

5. We find reward in action, not in accolades. When we do things to help others, we don’t need the world’s praise or attention for validation.

6. Life becomes more simple because it is easier to speak out truth.

7. It becomes easier to speak in front of other people or large audiences, thus helping us feel more connected.

8. We no longer feel a need to be “greater than” in order to recognize our own value – we learn to love unconditionally (first ourselves, and then others).

9. We are more thoughtful in our decisions because we know what we want, need, and desire (they are different).

10. We get to look in the mirror and feel more at peace with what we see.

NeuroEmpowerment™ and Emotional Self-Awareness

As you can see, humility is a powerful and effective value, and is an important component of our emotional self-awareness. In short, humility is part of the path to a happier, more fulfilled life.

NeuroEmpowerment™ is a treatment which corrects mental, emotional, and spiritual issues at the same time it corrects physical issues directly associated with psychological function, thus alleviating the root of the problem, rather than treating the symptoms. This is the key for long-term optimal living and quality of life.


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