Pathwaves is an advanced mental wellness company that has established an evidence-based program to maximize readiness, performance and resilience in every area of function — mentally, emotionally and physically.

Suicide, Depression, Anxiety and Addictions in the military are at all-time highs

Numbers continue to increase across all branches of the armed services.


This rise in statistics year after year points to the stark reality that the traditional options currently available are not working.


In fact, if you look at the U.S. Air Force alone, during the last decade approximately 20% of personnel have annually been diagnosed with a mental health disorder (source January 2017 Deployment Health Clinical Center report).


We provide a long-term, sustainable solution.


The human nervous system tracks our environment and experiences, especially trauma, and changes its physiology to adjust to those stimuli.


This conditioning of the nervous system directly affects emotional, cognitive, physiological, and psychological function.


By studying this phenomena, we developed a comprehensive digital therapeutic treatment model to help individuals reach optimal levels of mental, emotional and cognitive function by reconditioning their nervous system’s physiology in a therapeutic setting.


Our treatment relies heavily upon data collection. The Pathwaves team has processed and analyzed more than 16,000 QEEG brain scans to develop our clinical tool for quantifying and tracking an individual’s states of mind.


From this, we built a framework that allows for assessment and testing of competing treatments; our analysis tools provide objectively quantified, interpretable data sets, which are easily collated into larger sets for sharing and longitudinal monitoring.


We have literally developed and commercialized the world’s first clinical tool for quantifying and tracking states of mind.


The multi-faceted Pathwaves NeuroEmpowerment™ methodology integrates the principles of neuroplasticity, FDA approved neurofeedback and our proprietary Neurofeedforward™ protocol, resulting in unmatched effectivity. Each session combines neurotherapy with cognitive behavioral coaching, and is designed to facilitate permanent solutions to post traumatic stress (PTSD) symptoms.


NeuroEmpowerment™ provides long-term sustainable mental health improvements, and relief from disorders. This transformative methodology can effectively identify, predict and prevent suicidal behavior. It will also facilitate military personnel to be at their highest mental aptitude and equip them with the tools and mental fortitude to adapt as they progress through their professional career.


The Pathwaves process assists our servicemen & women with reintegration into civilian life upon retirement. Veterans will also benefit from our NeuroEmpowerment™ program as it will enable them to adjust and excel as they continue with their civilian lives.


Once NeuroEmpowerment™ is achieved, participants can expect to experience:

Greater Ability to Regulate Your Own Mood

Significant Reduction of Suffering

Increased Quality of Life in the Present

A Design for Sustaining a Joyful Life



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