Mindfulness For A Better Life

For hundreds of years, scientists and scholars have debated as to exactly where the “mind” is located.

With more than a decade of mapping our clients’ minds, our research has definitively shown that the “mind” is in the body.

The Merriam-Websters Dictionary definition of the mind is, a: the element or complex of elements in an individual that feels, perceives, thinks, wills, and especially reasons , b: the conscious mental events and unconscious capabilities in an organism, and c: the organized conscious and unconscious mental activity of an organism.

This means that the entire mind exists in all the neurons in the human body, perhaps in the connections between neurons. There are also those who believe that the mind exists in the electricity created by the body intraneuronal and otherwise.

Neurons are also known as nerve cells. Our nervous system keeps track of all significant events in our lives – that happen to us or that we witness – in order to keep us safe in the future. We all make neural pathways everyday to store this information and to keep track of daily happenings and other activities. The functions of the mind are not magic – they are a biochemical reaction in our bodies, and more specifically, in between neurons.

Because our mind exists in our neural pathways in our bodies, what we think (say, feel, perceive, or do) becomes part of our bodies. If we think the same thought on different days, a new synapse is created each time we have the thought. The new synapses attach to other associated synapses, as demonstrated in the video below.

Mindful Creation Of Neural Pathways

After synapses have been repeated and strengthened over time, your autonomic nervous system begins to make those neural pathways part of your involuntary functional system. This, in turn, affects every system in your body as well as your involuntary perceptions, thoughts, reactions, and functions.

In short, if you choose to think, say, and do positive things all day, every day for enough time, your autonomic nervous system will give you positive involuntary perceptions, thoughts, reactions, and functions automatically.

Yes – what happens in your mind is, and becomes, a part of you physically, which affects how you feel and function!

So, if you want a better life, be mindful of what you say and think, as well as your perceptions, behaviors, and reactions.

Pathwaves NeuroEmpowerment™

The Pathwaves NeuroEmpowerment™ Program improves mental, emotional, and cognitive function by helping you make physical long-lasting change to your nervous system.

It’s like signing up for a course in nervous system dynamics, with daily field trips into the mechanics of your nervous system. Pathwaves provides the lesson plan and the technology to physically entrain the “lessons” into your nervous system so they can then become automatic. The lesson plan is developed to help you create skills you can use for the rest of your life to develop and maintain patterns of function which support your dreams and desires.

At Pathwaves, we use NeuroEmpowerment™ to help our clients disrupt and rewire the patterns that no longer serve them, so they can move towards living life intentionally.

NeuroEmpowerment™ is a proprietary method which corrects mental, emotional, and spiritual issues at the same time it corrects physical issues directly associated with psychological function, thus alleviating the root of the problem, rather than treating the symptoms. This is the key for long-term optimal living and quality of life.


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