NeuroEmpowerment™ Evidence-Based Practices First Annual Tracking Report

The NeuroEmpowerment™ Evidence-Based Practices First Annual Report Shows Outstanding Results


Evidence-based tracking for NeuroEmpowerment™ (NE) to track the effectiveness of the NE process anecdotally on the presenting population without control of the participants began in August of 2015. This approach reports the real-life results both from the population in Miami-Dade, Florida and those who have encountered the process and traveled to Miami-Dade to become participants. The Evidence-Based tracking process is based on self-reporting of the participants. The first year results show that the participants reported significant improvement in their subjective well-being based on a number of self-reported indicators. The NE process offered at Pathwaves, a modern wellness center focusing on optimizing mental, emotional, and physical health, combines the modalities of Neurofeedback (Brainwave Optimization), Psychology (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) and Applied Kinesiology. NE includes a pre-scheduled therapy process for all participants that allows for 30% customization by the attending Pathwaves therapist. The NE process is therapy from the perspective of analyzing the clients’ current self-direction practices as it affects their neurogenesis, entraining the clients’ neurogenesis to conform with the clients’ desired neurogenesis and teaching the client how to self-entrain their neurogenesis to perform within the belief systems they desire rather than those entrained genetically, environmentally, and/or through the perspective created accordingly. The actual technology utilized is not as important as the process. The equipment used and the specific therapy provided is available upon request.

The Measurement Procedures

The evidence based tracking process begins with an automated survey completed by the participant in a date locking system to maintain integrity. The relevant survey questions are rated from 1-10 by the client. This survey is completed before the process starts, periodically during the process and at the completion of the third phase of the program. The questions pertinent to tracking are grouped into sections in order to track the clients reported improvements with the symptoms of: Anxiety, Panic Attacks and/or Anxiety Attacks, Confidence (Self-Esteem), Mood (Depression), Sleep, Physical, Memory, Anger, Focus/Concentration and Addictive Behaviors. The data from the client specific tracking is then recorded in the Aggregate Tracking system.


The results for all the participants the first year show the following:

As of August 2016, 100% of the clients who participated in the Neural Empowerment Program, with tracking, reported improvement! The specific improvement based on their ratings on the first survey compared to the subsequent survey in each area is as follows:

  • Anxiety Improvement 46.83%
  • Confidence/Self-Esteem Improvement 40.00%
  • Mood/Depression Improvement 47.16%
  • Sleep Improvement 40.80%
  • Physical Improvement 39.68%
  • Memory Improvement 39.40%
  • Anger Improvement 42.29%
  • Focus/Concentration Improvement 43.00%
  • Addictive Behaviors Improvement 20.49%

These results clearly show that NeuroEmpowerment™ is an emerging process for relieving people of the symptoms tracked in a natural and harmless manner. The NeuroEmpowerment™ program evidence merits further investigation.

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