Neuroplasticity Biology of Reality

Neuroplasticity and the Biology of Reality

A friend of ours was upset because they’ve been consistently working at creating a new reality for themselves based on The Secret and other “Law of Attraction” guidelines, and finding themselves consistently disappointed. So, we’ve decided to unveil the B.S. (Belief System) that it is simply: “ALL IN YOUR HEAD!”

Each person’s reality is housed in their synapses (connection of nerve cells). Your synapses dictate what you are aware or unaware of. We cannot be aware of anything that is not in our synapses. Therefore, our individual reality is housed inside of us. Let’s be clear — those who say our entire reality is strictly driven by our thoughts and perceptions (“it’s all in your head”) are oversimplifying. 

Yes, we agree, the reality that each person is aware of is what affects them most often; however, there are other levels of reality which affect us all. For example, the material world is usually unaffected by synapses. No one person can be in charge of everyone else’s reality (although there have been those that tried). 

In the world’s collective reality each person cannot always entirely create their own or any other person’s reality. That said, no one person can completely manifest another person, place, or thing. Through their thoughts and actions they can manifest portions of reality. The other portion is a product of co-creation. 

Let’s stop telling people that they are 100% in charge of creating reality. Nobody can be 100% in charge. Each person can only be in charge of their side of the co-created reality we share. In other words, the more accurate statement would be, “It’s partly in your head.” Managing that is a tall enough challenge. A challenge that Pathwaves is making easier with our NeuroEmpowerment™ protocol.

The science of neuroplasticity has proven that, every day of our lives, we are adding synapses (connections of nerve cells). These synapses shape our inner realities and how well we live our lives.

One of the biggest debates over the subject is whether our synaptic development, and therefore our personality, is determined by our environment or our perception of the experiences of our lives, including genetics (nurture versus nature). The conventional philosophy was that our identity is determined by our genetics or our environment.

This was basically true because people spent much of their time “just surviving,” and therefore their synaptic development was directed by their past and the environment they were trying to survive. This was believed to be true until neuroplasticity became a proven science right before the turn of the millennium. Once proven, the body of knowledge shifted to the belief that it is an undetermined combination of nature and nurture.

With the proliferation of mindfulness, it is now crystal clear that with the appropriate life experience, education, and practice each one of us can be entirely in charge of our synaptic development resulting in creating better lives for ourselves from within, regardless of nature or nurture! Isn’t it time we shift from surviving into truly living?

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