Pathwaves Clinical Study Results – July 2021

Described by Many as “Life-Changing”

Pathwaves provides a Psychoneurophysiological treatment protocol designed to improve cognitive performance. Improved cognitive performance also improves issues with anxiety, sleep, anger, confidence (self-esteem), memory, mood (depression), focus/concentration (A.D.D. or A.D.H.D.), addictive behaviors, and physical manifestations of stress and anxiety. Pathwaves has operated as a mental health improvement clinic since 2016. Pathwaves has conducted and continues to conduct a clinical study in accordance with the definition of a clinical study as provided by

Participants in the Pathwaves Clinical Study began by completing a survey ranking their level of symptomatology with the 9 different issues, anxiety, sleep, anger, confidence (self-esteem), memory, mood (depression), focus/concentration (A.D.D.A.D.H.D.), addictive behaviors, and physical manifestations of stress and anxiety. They then completed between 8 to 20 NeuroEmpowementTM sessions (average of 10 sessions each). Their final step within the clinical study was to complete another survey ranking their symptomatology with the same 9 different issues. The results of the study are as follows.

The Results

One hundred percent of the 132 participants reported an improvement in at least 2 of the issues listed. The average improvement of the sample pool of each of the issues tracked is listed in Table 1.


Table 1

Understanding The Results

The results show in each category what percent of the participants showed improvement in these areas (regardless of why they came in) with their average improvement in each area being shown in the next column.

Anxiety: A 64% improvement in Anxiety levels basically being able to live life “Anxiety Free”. It is like moving from anxiety being an issue that causes unwanted nervous system and bodily intervention in function which is causing you to live from fear to anxiety becoming very manageable feeling or an event that when it arises is merely a signal from the nervous system which can be altered at will.

Sleep: A 63% improvement in Sleep is equivalent to being able to fall asleep whenever you choose within 15-20 minutes, sleeping through the night with on average 1-2 natural sleep interruptions (i.e. going to the restroom), and waking up feeling mentally, emotionally, and physically ready for the new day.

Anger: A 73% improvement in Anger is equivalent to responding instead of reacting, not sweating the small stuff, accepting life as it comes, and being able to enjoy each day fully without continually rising frustration or bouts of anger.

Confidence: A 70% improvement in Confidence frees you from your fear of change. It frees you from being trapped. It is equivalent to being able to go home, to work, school, or walk into any room knowing who you are and feeling self-assured. This will help you towards getting that job promotion, better grade, or significant other you are seeking.

Memory: A 66% improvement in memory at Pathwaves is typically due to being much more present to what is happening and having more resources to accomplish what you want with higher functional efficiency which augments memory.

Mood-Depression: A 54% improvement in mood is being more than twice as happy as you were naturally without needing any help to feel the joy. Many describe it as a “new freedom to enjoy living.”

Focus/Concentration: A 73% improvement in focus and concentration basically means that focus and or concentration issues (and the headaches or aggravation which comes with these issues) being an issue of the past. It means being able to read better, get better grades, do better reports, and truly enjoy your relationships.

Addictive Behaviors: A 74% improvement in addictive behaviors equates to being able to self-soothe and self-regulate how you are feeling or functioning without relying on a behavior or substance to soothe yourself or change how you feel or function. When we learn that how we feel is just an energy pattern and the mental, emotional, spiritual hacks we can use to create the feeling and functioning that we want, the addictive behavior (or substance) is no longer necessary.

Physical Manifestations: A 65% reduction in physical manifestations of the other 8 symptoms means feeling lighter and more energetic because you have more resources and ability to live and perform as the best version of yourself. It means not having to feel issues like chronic pain or Fibromyalgia anymore.

The clinical study shows that this intervention called NeuroEmpowementTM offered by Pathwaves is successful in reducing symptoms 100% of the time with an average reduction of 67% of the reduced symptoms. This clearly shows the reasoning why many of the participants described this intervention as “life-changing” and proves that, for most people, NeuroEmpowementTM is the most effective mental health intervention available today.


Table 2 – The Survey

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