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Our nervous system’s main method of communication is electricity, specifically the electrical impulses that move through the neurons throughout our body. At Pathwaves, we like to differentiate the bits of information contained in those electrical impulses from the body (and its organ tissue) by calling it the “mind” – it’s the deeper intangible intelligence. That’s why we consider the nervous system to be both “mind” and body.

The autonomic nervous system is a main component of what runs these systems. It is responsible for the automatic, or involuntary, functions of the human body. And, it can be trained. This is good news since often, when left to its own devices, it falls back on unconscious programming – genetics, experiences, perceptions, animal instincts – that may or may not serve us well in today’s modern world.

Mindfulness techniques, changes in perspective and other methods can be utilized to free us from unhealthy patterns, which are based on overactive survival instincts.

This includes, thankfully, improving sleep and mood.

Optimizing For Better Sleep And Mood

First, it is important to understand how the multiple systems of the body function with each other. There are 12 systems in the body that are essentially interdependent on each other. When this is understood, it is then possible to shift the current perspectives that are causing overreaction in the autonomic nervous system – the communication system – and begin self-entraining to bring these down to healthier, more desirable levels.

We teach our clients proprietary Pathwaves mindfulness-like mantras to entrain the nervous systems (the different parts of us) to work more in sync with each other, which in turn improves both sleep and mood. In a session, while interfacing with a computer and the Pathwaves proprietary NeuroFeedforward™ protocol, clients practice the new perspective and self-entrainment techniques so that they stick… and in time become automatic.


It is important to have a routine to follow when getting ready for bed. This will entrain the nervous system to go to sleep more readily each night, which in turn will improve the quality of rest. As we sleep, we rejuvenate the 12 systems of the body and our nervous system in preparation for the next day. This rejuvenation system is based on our perspectives of what is happening around us, which are a little bit different for each level of the psyche. Desired changes in perspective and function can be communicated to each of these levels of the psyche in order to optimize sleep, and ultimately how we perform day to day.


For mood, it is important to be able to create and regulate our mood from within. Many of us learn different activities, foods or substances we can use in order to regulate our moods. But basing our mood on these types of external circumstances can lead to dependency and addiction issues. They can also fail us if we are in a situation where those activities, foods or substances are not available. Worse than that, they may cease to work at all. This is why it is essential to “learn from within” to affect lasting change on mood.

Pathwaves NeuroEmpowerment™: Basic Training

The Pathwaves Basic Training Path includes 10 visits that introduce our clients to what’s possible when you take control of your nervous system, or achieve what we call NeuroEmpowerment™.

Session 1: Hello Nerves

In the first session – called “Hello Nerves” – we teach the techniques to clear the way for the transformation to come. This gives clients a taste of what it is like to experience a calm nervous system, even if it’s just for a few moments. This primes the neural pathways for a new way of operating, which continue to be tweaked and reinforced in the sessions to come.

Session 2: Calming The Reactive Mind

In the second session – called “Calming The Reactive Mind” – we lead our clients through the process outlined above to calm the autonomic nervous system and reduce fight-or-flight responses. This lays the foundation for the rest of the work we do together to get out of survival mode, and into thriving.

Session 3: Programming Sleep, Mood, and An Ambient Sound (SMASS)

In the third session – called “Sleep, Mood and An Ambient Sound (SMASS)” – we focus on training the nervous system – and all the different systems within the body – to work more in sync with each other, and specifically to improve sleep and mood.

Through the Pathwaves NeuroEmpowerment™ program, we use a proprietary form of integrative neurofeedback – what we call Neurofeedforward™ – to influence the nervous system, and recondition your responses in order to live a life that embodies love over fear. Our method has been able to effectively help more than 95% of our clients change how they feel and function, so they can live happier and healthier lives.

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G. Cole
Founder, Pathwaves

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Learn how your body’s own ability to learn new skills can help you overcome pre-programmed responses, releasing unhealthy patterns and transforming your quality of life!