Start enjoying life, without relying on medication.

Stop Coping, Start Growing

No one has sunk too low for transformation. Often, when we are struggling, we feel a sense that it will always be this way, no matter what we do. It’s hard to believe this won’t be the case.


But… it is 100% possible to create new synapses, and completely alter the direction of our lives. How do we know this? Have you learned anything new recently? Most of us have, no matter how small it may seem. And we had to create new synapses to do so – proof that it is indeed possible.


Through the Pathwaves Protocol, we take you from coping just to make it through, to being in touch with yourself, your nervous system – and its signals – and knowing how to handle them so that you can grow and thrive each day.


Tried everything? We’re for you.

Mind Mapping Helps Psychological Conditions
Psychological Female

Take Charge of You

Most people have everyday stress. This is a normal reaction to everyday situations. When the distress becomes overwhelming, with no control, then it crosses the line into being a symptom of mental illness.


At Pathwaves, we use neural mapping to identify the root cause of the issue, and address what’s really going on beneath the surface.


Depression – A physical condition as much as an emotional one, depression occurs when there are chemical changes in the body in order to cope with certain events in our lives. This in turn impedes our neural pathways, and causes us to be in a perpetual state of imbalance.


Anxiety – This heightened state of agitation is the result of an unbalanced nervous system, brought on by impaired perspectives and chemically driven states in the brain. The insufficient brain wave activity is further complicated by any overwhelmingly negative perceptions.


Eating Disorders – Anorexia, bulimia, and chronic overeating all have one thing in common: they are all the surface result of much deeper issues – possibly depression or severe anxiety – and manifested as compulsive behavior. 


Adult ADD/ADHD – This inability to concentrate is not due to a lack of willpower or lack of effort, it’s a physiological condition, which can be caused by an imbalance in the neural pathways in our body. 

Recover From Trauma

Trauma is defined as any deeply distressing or disturbing experience one may have throughout the course of their life.


Everyone has stress from traumatic events in their past that are most certainly affecting them today, though in many cases the level of interference is not high enough to be considered a disorder.


For those with higher levels of trauma, the effects are debilitating.


Our experience in treating trauma shows that  it is possible to heal when assisted by digital therapeutics.


Stroke Recovery – A stroke damages the neuronal networks, which impairs sensation, motor control, movement and cognition. The science of neuroplasticity suggests that these damages can be repaired to some degree by the brain’s own ability to rewire itself.


Brain Trauma – Trauma damages the neural pathways that control physical and behavioral function, leading to a myriad of symptoms, depending on the severity of the injury. Our proprietary NeuroEmpowerment™  process can bring about significant improvements in neural activity to speed recovery and enhance brain function.


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) – When you suffer from PTSD, your neural pathways have been conditioned to respond to every event as though your survival depends on it. Building new positive neural pathways, and training your neurological system to create more calm, can help you overcome the constant crisis mode.

Mind Mapping: Helping Psychological Trauma and PTSD
Digital Therapeutics for Sleep Conditions and Insomnia

Reclaim Your Sleep

Sleep issues are nothing to take lightly. When the brain doesn’t get adequate rest to repair itself, it can lead to serious conditions, such as depression, anxiety, a weakened immune system, irritability, weight gain, and dramatic decreases in physical and mental performance.


When the areas that control deep sleep are agitated, it’s impossible for the brain to replenish itself. Fatigue cannot be cured by a pill; it requires the rebalancing of brainwave activity, so neural pathways can reboot and rebuild.


Sleeping pills may knock you out, but they don’t allow the brain to replenish itself.


By guiding you to a state of balanced brainwave activity, allowing your neural pathways to reboot and rebuild, and you to wake up each morning restored, rejuvenated, and ready to greet the day with confidence.

Anger Management

Anger is a normal emotion when experienced at healthy levels. When those levels increase beyond the ability to control, and starts to turn destructive, then it becomes an issue.


The goal of anger management is not to eliminate the external elements that trigger the anger, but rather to learn how to manage the emotional and psychological response so that those triggers lose their bite.


By focusing on building healthier neural pathways and balancing brainwave activity, we empower you with the tools to take control of your anger, and reduce the impact of your triggers without the use of medication.


NeuroEmpowerment™ is a non-invasive, comprehensive methodology that has been proven to address these issues by getting to the literal root of the problem: your neural pathways. We use the science of neuroplasticity to help you create new synapses in order to end your suffering, without the use of medication.


The key benefit is that you’ll feel better, faster, and for longer. While traditional modalities address issues from the top down, starting with the conscious mind, we’re doing it from all angles, starting with the unconscious mind – the secret steerer of the ship. Full transformation occurs when we point the ship in the right direction, and re-align all levels of You.


Once NeuroEmpowerment™ is achieved, you can expect to experience:

Greater Ability to Regulate Your Own Mood

Significant Reduction of Suffering

Increased Quality of Life in the Present

A Design for Sustaining a Joyful Life



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