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Stop the Chaos and Remove the Stress from the Inside Out

Stress is recognized by many as the number one proxy killer disease today according to an article on the Huffington Post. If we do not keep our lives in perspective, we will create unnecessary stress by confusing the primary focus of the three main levels of the mind: the unconscious, the subconscious and the conscious.

Understanding the 3 Main Levels of the Mind

THE UNCONSCIOUS is the lowest level of the mind. It is essentially the automatic level. It manages the direction and processing of the basic functions of the human body like: respiration, coronary functioning, digestion, temperature, immune system, reflexes, and early warning systems like the animal instincts of fight-flight-freeze-panic. Its primary focus is keeping us safe, assuring that our basic needs (water, food, air) are being met, and allowing us to be present. It is the least intelligent area of the mind.

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THE SUBCONSCIOUS mind is the middle (subsurface layer) where our social instincts are directed and processed. The social instincts interact with the unconscious before entering consciousness – if they ever get there. This is where we keep track of all lessons learned from our life experiences and genetic predispositions. Some say that every second of our life is recorded through this level of our mind. This area has more intelligence than the unconscious mind, but is still not extremely intelligent. This level takes most of its intellectual reasoning from the conscious level.

THE CONSCIOUS mind resides above the surface and is arguably the most intelligent region. It is the analytical and intellectual part of the mind. It carries out much of its function based on its interactions with the subconscious and the unconscious while processing.

Each of these levels has a primary purpose and functions autonomously while still interacting with the others. In other words each level of the mind does a small part of the function of the others for a very short period of time intermittently. This leads us to the main point of this article.

Stop Outside Influences To Help Obtain Stress Relief

By working from the inside out, you can help each level of the mind stay focused and perform its primary function better. When we allow outside influences and stresses to affect all levels of the mind, their primary focus becomes confused with the directives of the others. This compromises the function at every level and can lead to chaos causing stress. To prevent this from happening and achieve stress reflief, we simply need to adopt a practice of consistently differentiating needs, wants, and likes. For example, when we worry about getting a new car so we can look as good as our neighbors and we do not spend some time reinforcing that we are safe and secure no matter what, our unconscious mind believes that if we do not get the new car, we will die – as I may be doing when I finish writing this article. This new and displaced worry will affect function at a continually growing rate until we get the new car or reconcile this idea. Accordingly, asking the question “Why do I care?” can really help reduce stress and anxiety at all levels of your consciousness.

A New Way to Reduce Stress

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Chief NeuroEmpowerment™ Officer

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