The Rejuvenating Power of Sleep

Did you know that your cells create waste? The natural functions of our body create waste, which needs to be removed in order for our cells and systems to function. And maintenance – the creation, destruction, cleaning and rejuvenation of the nervous systems – is primarily performed during sleep.

This “clean up” process is directed by our unconscious understanding of what we need in order to survive. Guidelines from our genetics and past history influence our system maintenance, reinforcing patterns and behaviors that our system deems important for our survival. For example, if you were bitten by a dog when you were young, this fear and the fear-based behaviors will be further engrained while you sleep, so that you make sure to remember that dogs are a threat to your life.

More specifically, our nervous system analyzes the events that it “thinks” are important in preparation for the coming day(s), and uses this information when renewing and reinforcing the nervous system connections that run both the body and the mind. If this perception or understanding is that we are in danger, the nervous system will implement and renew in accordance with its familiar strategies for being ready for the “dangers” of the coming day.

This is how fear-based behaviors and coping mechanisms become so deeply entrenched.

Tools And Techniques For Better Sleep

Programming for better sleep has a multitude of benefits, including improved mood, reduced stress, and increased performance. At Pathwaves, we teach our clients a variety of tools designed to prime the nervous system for change, including mindfulness techniques and how to calm the reactive mind.

All of these will help alleviate suffering from overactive survival instincts, and clear the path to intentionally choosing how to function. Better sleep is crucial to entraining the nervous system to function in this new, intentional way. And the key to creating better sleep is ritual.

Create A Sleep Ritual

The tools and techniques for better sleep begin with creating a ritual and setting the scene. Our autonomic nervous system “learns”, or is entrained, by our daily lives. This means that the best way to entrain stable sleep (or any other form of stability) is to create a routine that is followed daily.

For example, the sleep routine you choose might look like this:

  • Turn off all screens 2 hours before bed
  • Wash face and brush teeth 1 hour before bed
  • Meditate for 10 minutes
  • Write in a gratitude journal for 5 minutes
  • Read for 30 minutes
  • Lights out by 10pm


The key is to follow the same routine each night, so that the nervous system picks up on the cues that you are shutting down for the day, and signals the mind and body to prepare for sleep. It’s especially beneficial that after practicing this routine for a period of time, the nervous system will remember the sequence and will continue to function accordingly, even if you miss doing your routine for a few nights.

In the Pathwaves NeuroEmpowerment™ programs, our clients are able to practice these techniques while connected to our brainwave sensors and interfacing with the neurotechnology in order to speed up how fast and to what depth they can implement the change.

Pathwaves NeuroEmpowerment™: Basic Training

The Pathwaves Basic Training Path includes 10 visits that introduce our clients to what’s possible when you take control of your nervous system, or achieve what we call NeuroEmpowerment™.

Session 1: Hello Nerves

In the first session – called “Hello Nerves” – we teach the techniques to clear the way for the transformation to come. This gives clients a taste of what it is like to experience a calm nervous system, even if it’s just for a few moments. This primes the neural pathways for a new way of operating, which continue to be tweaked and reinforced in the sessions to come.

Session 2: Calming The Reactive Mind

In the second session – called “Calming The Reactive Mind” – we lead our clients through the process outlined above to calm the autonomic nervous system and reduce fight-or-flight responses. This lays the foundation for the rest of the work we do together to get out of survival mode, and into thriving.

Session 3: Programming Sleep, Mood, and An Ambient Sound (SMASS)

In the third session – called “Sleep, Mood and An Ambient Sound (SMASS)” – we focus on training the nervous system – and all the different systems within the body – to work more in sync with each other, and specifically to improve sleep and mood.

Session 4: Changing Perspective – Be Your Own Best Friend

In the fourth session – called “Changing Perspective – Be Your Own Best Friend” – we begin shifting perspectives in order for our clients to treat themselves as their own best friend, love themselves more, and become a “Human Being” rather than a “Human Doing”. This in turn allows them to start enjoying life more fully in the now.

Session 5: Clean the “Conditions of Worth” House

In the fifth session – called “Clean ‘Conditions of Worth’ House” – we teach tools and techniques designed to release trapped emotions, such as fear, and negative belief systems which are aversely affecting the nervous system daily so they can clear the path to sustainable change.

Session 6: Sleep Deep Dive

In the sixth session – called “Sleep Deep Dive” – we help clients entrain their nervous system to harness the power of sleep for rejuvenation and reinforcing healthier ways to function.

Through the Pathwaves NeuroEmpowerment™ program, we use a proprietary form of integrative neurofeedback – what we call Neurofeedforward™ – to influence the nervous system, and recondition your responses in order to live a life that embodies love over fear. Our method has been able to effectively help more than 95% of our clients change how they feel and function, so they can live happier and healthier lives.

To help those who cannot afford the services of Pathwaves, consider donating to the Pathwaves Foundation. Please call (305) 858-6616 for more information.

If you’d like to learn how you can accelerate change through our methodology, we are here to help. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation today.

G. Cole
Founder, Pathwaves

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