Transmedia Group to Find Publicity Pathways For Illuminating How Pathwaves Uses EEG Technology To Help People Attain Brain Balance

BOCA RATON, Fla. Jan. 25, 2016- Pathwaves ( has retained Transmedia Group ( to publicize its revolutionary method of obtaining “brain balance.”

TransMedia said its publicity will show how Pathwaves uses technology to map brain activity then develops an innovative personalized treatment program for a particular client. The Pathwaves team then applies a holistic approach that helps guide the client to a place of balance and control.
“Pathwaves understands how behavior, including our interactions with people and our coping methods are all directly correlated with previous events and can create changes in our brains which can manipulate our perception,” said TransMedia Director of Public Relations Cassandra Cardenas.

“Pathwaves uses science, expert guidance and electroencephalogram (EEG) technology to combat depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, sleep issues, brain trauma, eating disorders and more,” said Geoff Cole, Clinical Director and Co- founder of Pathwaves.

“Our publicity will show that through neuroplasticity, the brain is able to alter its structure giving one the power to rewire and create healthy neural pathways,” said Cardenas.

“We will show that ‘neural empowerment’ is painless and non-invasive and by using (EEG) technology, Pathwaves can measure activity in different areas of the brain that control cognition, happiness, anger, sleep, anxiety, stress, compulsion and more.”

“By examining this map, Pathwaves can identify where your brainwaves are out of balance,” she said.

“Our publicity will show that Pathwaves has proven to be highly effective with children as well as college students and is a natural approach for treating Autism, ADD/ADHA and behavioral problems,” continued Cardenas.

Pathwaves is located at 2503 SW 27th Ave. Miami, FL. 33133. To make an appointment or to learn more about Pathwaves approach to brain balance and control visit ( or call 305-858-6616.

Media Contact Cassandra Cardenas 561-750-9800 x. 2300