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A Compulsive Dependency

Addiction comes in a variety of forms – alcoholism, drug abuse, gambling and sex. It can also mask itself under seemingly more benign behaviors, such as shopping or social media. What all these have in common is that they are driven by a compulsive dependency, over which you or your loved one have no control.


Willpower doesn’t work because the issue stems from the neural pathways, which are not functioning in an optimized state, thus preventing the brain from being able to regulate reward-processing, cognitive control, and decision making.

Treating Addiction with Mind Mapping Technology for Women
Digital Therapeutics Help for Toxic Relationships

Toxic Relationships

Most think of substances when they hear the word addiction, but relationships can also be trademarked by the same compulsive patterns. Being in a toxic relationship – romantic or otherwise – is a painful, demoralizing experience that can feel like a trap, impossible to escape.


These codependent behaviors are as damaging as any other form of addiction, robbing oneself of autonomy and self worth. Watching a loved one struggle to break free from a toxic relationship is agonizing. If you’re in a toxic relationship yourself, you know just how difficult that struggle can be.

A Permanent Solution

The longer an addictive behavior persists, the more damaged the neural pathways become, and the less control you or your loved one has. This is why it’s essential to treat addiction at its core by reducing, if not eliminating completely, the need that’s driving the behavior.


Through a standard electroencephalogram (EEG) and using our advanced brain mapping software to locate imbalances, we can start to address addiction at the neurological level. When you’re able to rewire the brain and body not to “need” something, suffering from addiction ceases to exist.

Treating Addiction with Mind Mapping Technology for Men


We teach you the tools to resolve issues, not just cling to hope. Through NeuroEmpowerment™, we equip people with the tools to take control – of thoughts, emotions, reactions, compulsions – and keep it. Participants of our program experience noticeable changes in how they perceive life, which are facilitated and accelerated by the changes we’re making in the body’s neural pathways.


Because we resolve underlying issues rather than just mask them, freedom from compulsive tendencies can be both sustainable and complete. Our protocol centers around the neural pathways, and identifying and then correcting imbalances that cause the destructive behavior. Addiction can be eliminated once the entire mind, body and nervous system are healthy and in sync.


Once NeuroEmpowerment™ is achieved, you or your loved one can expect to experience:

Reduction in Compulsion

Increased Ability to Say No

Greater Feeling of Control

Sustained Excitement for the Future



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